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Buell ecmdriod FAQs





QUESTION: Will BUELLtooth work on my Buell motorcycle?

ANSWER:  BUELLtooth is compatible with all EFI Buell ECMs including all X1, XB9, XB12, 1125 models and S3 EFI.


QUESTION: I have a stock ECM.  Is it programmable?

ANSWER:  Yes.  With BUELLtooth and the free EcmDroid application, you can custom configure your stock Buell ECM.

QUESTION: Will BUELLtooth work with EcmSpy?

ANSWER:  Yes.  There is a special section on the EcmSpy website explaining how to use Bluetooth adapters.  BUELLtooth adapters are already properly configured, so changes to the baud rate or any other settings are not required.


QUESTION: Do I need to change any settings to get BUELLtooth to work with EcmDroid on my Android device?

ANSWER:  No.  Once your device is paired to BUELLtooth connect using the default "Stock / P&A" protocol.


QUESTION: What baud rate is the BUELLtooth set at?

ANSWER:  9600.


QUESTION: While plugged in and with the key on, the BUELLtooth does not have a blinking light and will not connect.

ANSWER:  Make sure the kill switch is in the run position.


QUESTION: I'm seeing the message "broken pipe" on EcmDroid and cannot interface with the ECM.

ANSWER:  The broken pipe message means that communication has been lost.  This will happen if the run switch or key was momentarily turned off while using EcmDroid.  Simply restart EcmDroid and select the connect button.


QUESTION: When I try to perform a test I get an error code 21 message.

ANSWER:  Tests can only be performed when the key and kill switch are on, and the engine is not running.



QUESTION: My ECM has "RACE USE ONLY" engraved on it.  Is BUELLtooth compatible with this?

ANSWER:  Yes.  These ECMs are the same hardware as stock ECMs and operate at 9600 baud.  They are loaded with maps that do not meet emissions requirements, hence the engraving.  However, these are not the true "Factory Race" ECMs that run "Open Loop" and are typically used on race bikes that continuously operate at high RPMs.  These ECMs communicate at the higher 19,200 baud rate.  BUELLtooth adapters for these ECMs must be pre-configured by request.

QUESTION: I'm trying to load a map onto my ECM using EcmDroid, but the "Burn" button is not working.  How do I fix this?

ANSWER:  Visit the "HOW TO" Section ->  HERE


QUESTION: I saved my EEPROM data in EcmDroid.  Where can I find it?

ANSWER:  The EEPROM .xpr files that you save are somewhat "buried" in a folder that can be found by opening your Android File Manager and going to...

Internal Storage/Android/data/org.ecmdroid/files/EEPROM

More information available -> HERE


QUESTION: Is it safe to burn an EEPROM file on to my ECM?  Is there a chance I could "brick" my ECM by doing this?

ANSWER:  Loading a compatible EEPROM (.XPR) file is completely safe for the ECM.  To determine what file type you need, find the 5 letter ECM ID on the home page of EcmDroid.  The first five letters of your EEPROM file name (e.g. BUE2D, BUEIB) must match this ECM ID.



QUESTION: I'm an Apple guy.  Will this work on iPhones and iPads?

ANSWER:  EcmDroid is an open-source application that is only available for Android devices.  However, a multitude of suitable Android tablets are available for less than $100.   This grants you access to an entire library of open-source applications that are created by hobbyists and enthusiasts, many of which are free.  If you own a vehicle with EFI, chances are there is an Android app that will let you connect to it wirelessly.


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