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The stock Buell XB muffler is actually an engineering marvel due to the fact it performs quite well throughout the RPM range while meeting the requirements of very strict noise regulations.  XB12 models even have the famous Active Muffler Control System that effectively changes the length of the exhaust system to match the engine RPMs and throttle position.  To meet very strict design parameters, these mufflers ended up being very big, heavy, overly complex, and to many, UGLY.  They also don’t provide the V-Twin sound so many Buell owners are fond of.   
For the performance (and sound) minded, Buell, produced a “Race Use Only” package that included a muffler, high flow air filter and matching ECM.  Although this muffler is similar to the stock unit in size and shape, it is very different on the inside.   In fact, the actual exhaust is simply a 2” long pipe with perforations on the end section, which is surrounded by a packing material for noise suppression.  This pipe exits to a hollow chamber at the back of the muffler that has two outlets.  Because this “race” muffler needed to fit into the same mounts as the stock unit and be used as a jacking point it is still quite large and heavy.


It’s also not a true “dual” system.  This muffler does perform quite well and is often the standard by which the others are measured against.  However, it is ultimately a very simple design housed in a seemingly complex package.  Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a large muffler to get great performance.  Also, these mufflers can be quite expensive, if you can find one.

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