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One of the most exciting aspects of the EcmDroid app is that you can install a new EEPROM tune file on your ECM (a.k.a. re-mapping) in seconds using an Android phone or tablet.  You are no longer required to replace your ECM after installing performance upgrades like exhaust systems and high-flow air cleaners.  Pre-made tune files are available here and tuning software such as TunerPro and EcmSpy allow those with tuning knowledge to have complete control over their Buell ECM. You will find tuning guides and links to software manufacturers on our RESOURCES page.



  • Ecmdroid folders and files cannot be seen or accessed on the device without using a 3rd party file manager app like Total Commander, or:

  •  By plugging your phone into a computer with USB cable you have full access to the file system as if the device is an external hard drive.  Once the tune file is in the correct folder as explained in the tutorial below you can disconnect from the computer. 

​​Prior to making any changes or adjustments to the ECM EEPROM file, you must save your original so that you can revert back to it if needed.​ 
The following screenshots are used as examples and may vary from one device to another. 


  • Enable EEPROM burning by following the tutorial HERE.

  • After establishing a connection with your ECM, select EEPROM Editor from the dropdown menu.



  • Select the dropdown menu in the top right corner.



  • Select "Save".

EEPROM configuration


  • Give this file a name that will identify it as your original EEPROM file. DO NOT change the first part of the file name that identifies the ECM firmware it matches with.

  • Select "OK".

EEPROM file name change

  • ​The folder that this file was saved in is also where you must put the file you wish to burn on to your ECM.  The following example is of an Android device that has EcmDroid installed on the internal storage.

  • Open File Manager, then select "All Files".  

eeprom file manager

  • Open Internal Storage Folder (Or External Storage Folder if EcmDroid is installed on a memory card). 

EcmDriod internal Storage


  • Open the Android Folder

ecmdroid andriod folder


  • ​Open the data folder. 

ecmdroid andriod data folder


  • Open the org.ecmdroid folder.



  • Open the files folder.

eeprom Files folder ecmdriod


  • Open the EEPROM folder.


  • Here is where you will find your saved file.

Ecmdriod folder

  • Move the EEPROM file you wish to install from your Downloads folder into this same folder so that it will be recognized by EcmDroid.

eeprom file to download

To Burn the new tuning file onto your ECM, return to the EEPROM Editor page in EcmDroid.

  • Select Load from the dropdown menu in the top right corner.

burn tuning to Ecmdriod

  • Move the EEPROM file you wish to install from your Downloads folder into this same folder so that it will be recognized by EcmDroid.

load barkers ECM

  • If required, select your ECM type.  In this case, it is BUE2D.

how to select ECM type

  • Find and select the Burn icon.  It may or may not be labeled, depending on your device.

select burn icon in ecmdrion

  • ​Pause and take a deep breath (for dramatic effect) and then select OK.

write EEProm

  • ​After writing of the EEPROM is complete it is necessary to perform a TPS reset.  This procedure is HERE.

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