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Performing the infamous TPS reset on XB models produced prior to 2008 used to require a costly trip to the dealership or connecting to a laptop. Thanks to EcmDroid this task can now be performed wirelessly using an Android phone or tablet.

  • Prior to performing a TPS reset the idle adjustment must be backed out (loosened) to ensure that the throttle body butterfly valve is fully closed.  After the procedure is performed the idle must be adjusted back to normal.  The following image from the XB service manual shows the adjuster location and a regular idle speed of 1050 - 1150 RPM.  

TPS reset for idle speed


  • Turn the idle screw counterclockwise for several turns to ensure that the throttle butterfly valve is fully closed.  This is where the 0-degree position will be after the reset so this is imperative.  Failure to have the valve fully closed when doing TPS reset will cause the engine to run very poorly after the procedure.

  • Verify that the butterfly valve is fully closed by turning the throttle fully open and releasing three times.  Listen for solid metal to metal contact of the valve and mechanical stop.

  • In EcmDroid select Active Tests from the drop-down menu.

ECM droid setting menu


  • Select "TPS Reset".

TPS reset menu


  • Follow the instructions on the screen and press "OK".

TPS reset instructions


  • On the Live Data page, you can select TPD (Throttle position degree) parameter and adjust the idle to about 5 degrees, but this is not absolutely necessary.


  • Start the engine and adjust idle back to 1050-1100 RPM.  Make final adjustment to desired RPM, not TPD angle.

For 2008+ Models with DDFI3 ECMS, TPS resets are performed using this procedure which does not require the use of EcmDroid:


  •  Verify throttle cable adjustment.

  • To zero the TPS.

    • Set the Run/Stop switch to the Run position.

    • Turn the ignition key to the On position.

    • With the engine off, rotate the throttle grip from closed throttle position to wide-open throttle position and back to closed position 3 times holding the throttle grip against each stop for 1 full second.

    • Cycle the key off and back on. A properly calibrated TPS sensor will indicate 3.7 to 4.2 degrees.

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